Meet our brothers and sisters


Shiraz is a fourth-year Peace and Conflict Studies major concentrating in the International Political Economy of Developmet. She's currently working on a senior thesis on Arctic energy security and completing a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. Shiraz was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Apart from being president, she is also the DPE house manager and works at a preschool.

Shiraz de Vreede

Katherine is a sophomore studying political economy, with a current interest in MENA politics. She is interested in questions of identity, economic and social inequality, and the effectiveness of public policy. She is from Los Angeles, California and enjoys good food and good friends.

External VP
Katherine Elias

Ryan is a second year student studying political science and psychology. He’s from the beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, and in his free time, he loves to thrift and make people laugh at his Improv Shows!

Internal VP
Ryan Fiorito

Will Bogdan is a third year global studies major with an emphasis on development in Asia. Will is also pursuing a minor in mandarin. Born and raised in San Francisco, Will is happy to help give advice on what spots to check out in the Bay Area. In the Fall of 2019, Will served as Delta Phi Epsilon's co-social chair. Outside of Delta Phi Epsilon, he serves as the secretary of the Cal Gymnastics Club.

Membership VP
Will Bogdan

Dylan Gervasio is a second-year at UC Berkeley majoring in global studies and portuguese. His main areas of interests are education, immigration policy, and indigenious relations, with a regional emphasis on Latin America. On campus, Dylan is involved with BUILD, a program that helps elementary school students who are behind in their grade reading level, and the Berkeley Folklore Archive. In his free time, he loves jamming out to reggaeton, cheering on the Mexican National Soccer Team, and visiting taco trucks.

Membership VP
Dylan Gervasio

Aman is third year majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in peace and conflict and minors in public policy and human rights. Her interests include conflict resolution, South and Southeast Asian politics, socioeconomic inequality and migration. In her free time she loves hiking, listening to Frank Ocean, exploring new places, and playing Mario games.

Financial VP
Aman Dosanjh

Ayesha is a senior who is passionate about the intersection of technology and bettering the quality of people’s lives. Studying cognitive science and computer science, she most recently has contributed to biotechnology for inherited cancers and The Walt Disney Company. She would like to contribute to government technology in the future.

Professional Development VP
Ayesha Zarah

Duaa is a second year at Cal, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Human Rights. While originally from Pakistan, Duaa lives in Qatar when she's not at Berkeley. Her interests include women's and children's rights in the Middle East and South Asia and war and conflict. She hopes to eventually work toward legal reform initiatives in developing countries. Besides that, she loves Yosemite, dogs, and roasted potatoes.

Administrative VP
Duaa Khan


Estelle is a second year studying Political Science with a minor in Political Economy. Her areas of interest are the intersection of technology and human rights, corporate compliance, and South Asian politics. Outside of Delta Phi Epsilon, Estelle is a part of a community service fraternity and a human rights publication. She also enjoys grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and watching A24 films!

Philanthropy Chair
Estelle Rai

Nikolas is a third-year political science major at the Free University in Berlin, currently doing an exchange year at UC Berkeley. Born and raised in Brazil and studying in Germany, his interests include Latin-American and European politics, as well as international development and postcolonialism. He is also co-founder and member of the board of Kinderhilfe Benoite e. V., an NGO promoting access to education to children from low-income families in Benin. In his free time, he plays soccer, listens to Arctic Monkeys, and watches Timotheé Chalamet movies multiple times.

Philanthropy Chair
Nikolas Wagner Bozzolo

Coming soon.

Active Chair
Eric Furth

Katherine is a first-year intended double major in Political Economy and History. Her academic interests include Russian history, theocracies, the history of religion (specifically Judeo-Christian and East Asian), and Taiwanese politics. Outside of the international relations community, you can find Katherine on a stage saying things as part of Best Laid Plans Improv and Improv4Charity! She can also be spotted in the wild hiking, eating, or listening to organ music.

Rush/Publicity Chair
Katherine Booska

Karsen is a sophomore from Oakland, California studying Global Studies and Linguistics with a focus on Latin America. She works for an exchange/leadership organization and enjoys spending time outdoors and reading.

Rush/Publicity Chair
Karsen Paul

Coming soon.

Alumni Chair
Lili Siri Spira

Harmony Bulloch is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Poverty and Practice. She joined Delta Phi Epsilon to find a community at Cal and further pursue her interest in international relations. Her biggest interests are in international law, and specifically human rights law.

Social Chair
Harmony Loftus Bulloch

Connor is a fourth year student majoring in economics. He is interested in human rights in the Middle East, specifically LGBTQ+ rights. He was born and raised in New York, but still can’t decide which coast he likes better. When he isn’t watching Netflix, he is probably watching Disney Plus.

Social Chair
Connor Groppa

Abe is a junior studying history, Arabic, and computer science, and he joined DPhiE last semester after two years of putting it off. He has had a number of different roles over the years — he started a tech company in high school, studied Arabic in Jordan twice, catalogs Jewish historical artifacts at Berkeley's Magnes Museum, and maintains a number of websites (including, fatefully, this one). Abe loves learning about daily lives and small roles in history, computer security, compilers, and photography.

Abe Jellinek

Maya Basha is a second-year at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Economy with a minor in Human Rights. Her academic interests include economic diversification in the Gulf States, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, counterterrorism campaigns in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and racial hegemonies in the United States. In her free time, Maya enjoys reading New York Times articles on Mohammed bin Salman and talking nonstop about her hometown, Washington D.C.

Sustainability Chair
Maya Basha


Fall 2019