Develop and grow together


We invite speakers from various fields of international importance to our chapter meetings. Speakers stem from different backgrounds of interest to our active members, ranging from non-profit organizations, human rights advocacy groups, World Bank speakers, and top U.S. diplomats.

In addition, actives can attend regular external dinners with these speakers and other industry figures, for personal, sit-down discussions on topics such as cyber-warfare in the modern era, nuclear proliferation, and more.


DPhiE members love writing about international affairs, and we have a newsletter, The Diplomat, to compile our writings. View some of them below!


Every pledge class grows and learns together, with plenty of resources along the way. Below, you can find blogs for the pledge classes of Delta Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Chapter, where each pledge shares their particular interest on a topic of international relevance. Blog posts will be published weekly, each building on the next to develop a full understanding of the issue at hand. We hope that these topics will captivate your interests just as they have captivated ours!

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